Color Run Fundraiser

Created to give schools a fun, interactive alternative to a traditional product sale fundraiser, Ovation Fundraising Group’s Color Run is the perfect addition to your fundraising efforts.

Our Color Run Mission

Fundraising is important, and traditional fundraisers for schools are still an important and effective way to raise much needed money.  At Ovation Fundraising Group, we set out to provide a fun, interactive addition to traditional fundraisers. And unlike other fundraiser companies for schools, we’ll help you with your fun run fundraiser every step of the way, from budgeting to fun run tips, to our ON-SITE team on event day.

Ovation Color Runs:
Not Your Average Fundraiser

Ovation Fundraising Group provides a fun, engaging alternative to traditional fundraising options and other more hands-off color run companies. There isn’t anything to sell, and we’ll help you with your event planning to maximize the dollars raised — and minimize the need for an armada of hard-to-find volunteers.

We can even take your own custom event to a new vibrant level! We have the ability to take any pledge event and cap it off with our exclusive Color- A-Thon Fun Walk/Run. 

Our color fun runs are memory-makers for family and friends. They build communities through colorful camaraderie. Students earn T-shirts and fun rewards, while your school raises money and everyone walks away exhilarated and satisfied with a job well done!

Raising money shouldn’t be tedious, boring. Let our color runs take your traditional spell-a-thon, read-a-thon or other “thon” and make it fresh, energizing and full of color!

Two Ways to Run

Color-A-Thon Donation-Based Event

Get maximum results while we minimize your work. The Color-A-Thon Donation-Based Event is great for elementary schools and middle schools. This program provides a custom pledge site for each student. 

The package also includes:

Color-A-Thon Entrance Fee-Based Event

A Color-A-Thon Entrance Fee-Based Event is ideal if you’re looking for a fun, community event for a high school or nonprofit. Each entry fee includes both a color pack and a T-shirt.

The package also includes:

Color Powder: A Fun & Safe Way to Celebrate

At Ovation Fundraising Group, we will rock your world with color but never take your health for granted. That’s why we’ve made our color powder safe, non-toxic and completely washable!

Holi History: The Origin of Color Runs

Holi, the ancient Indian Festival of Color, celebrates the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and the harvests to come. It’s the festival of colors, emotions and happiness. And what better way to express yourself than with the vibrant colors of the rainbow?

The thousand-year-old central ritual of Holi is the throwing and applying of colored dust and water on friends and family, thus why it’s often referred to as the “Festival of Colors.” Come Holi, India is painted in mesmerizing hues of blues, yellows, magentas, greens, violets and more. Clouds of colors dancing in the wind carry the message of love and happiness to all who participate in the centuries-old tradition.

In the same spirit of goodwill and celebration, Ovation Fundraising Group presents Color-A-Thon. This color run fundraiser is a fun and invigorating way to raise money for your school or group that ends with a celebration of music, laughter and the throwing of a whole lot of fun and safe color powder!

Time for Fun!

Color Dust Information

How to Stay Safe with Our Colored Dust

While color dust is safe and we’ve never had any issues in the past, people with allergies and/or asthma may want to take extra precautions when it comes to the color powder. We suggest any participants with allergies or asthma wear protective masks and/or keep a safe distance from the Color Blast Party and Color Blast Stations during the color run fundraiser. We caution parents to evaluate their child’s tolerance to dust and make appropriate decisions.

For all participants, we suggest that they wear some type of protective eye covering such as glasses or goggles. As part of the Color-A-Thon Prizes and Rewards Program, sunglasses are provided at a very low donation level.

We also recommend that a mask, kerchief or some type of covering over the mouth and nose be used to minimize excessive inhalation of the color dust. If needed, OFG can provide protective masks at a low cost.

Color Run Powder Ingredients

Ovation Fundraising Group takes the health and safety of all of our participants seriously. Our Color Dust is non-toxic, 100% safe and biodegradable. It is not meant for consumption, so you’ll want to keep our color dust out of the eyes and lungs.

Ingredients include corn starch and FD&C and/or D&C colors. The colors are approved for use in foods, cosmetics and drugs. These products are not considered hazardous, 29 CFR 1910-1200. Testing data sheets on each color are available.

Color Powder Throwing Instructions

Around 25 lbs. of colored dust is sent to each event. Each of the four colors is boxed separately and weighs approximately 6 lbs.

To keep the authentic Holi tradition alive at your color run fundraiser, make sure participants are tossing the contents of their color powder packets into the air and not into the faces of friends and fellow participants.

Color Dust Flammability

Our Color-a-Thons have had zero fire-related incidents and are committed to providing a safe, fun event for schools and groups across the nation. The powder used at our fun school fundraisers has been tested for flammability and successfully passed the required US and EU standards.

How to Get Chalk Out of Clothes, Hair, Skin and More

Our color dust is not only safe, but it’s also incredibly easy to clean up! Following the color powder explosion at the end of your color run or color blast party, you’ll need to set up a blower station where volunteers can help blow the excess color off of participants.

Our color powder is pretty easy to blow off and wash out, but we have some precautions and tips to make it easier for you. And be sure to check out our color run cleanup guide for a fast and easy after-race cleanup. Of course, if you want to keep your shirt looking just as colorful, you can save the color in your color run shirt too!


Usually, our color powder easily washes out after events. To be safe, it’s a great idea to encourage participants to wear their white Color-A-Thon T-shirt — it’s not only fun but protects participants’ “good” clothes.

Instruct participants to wear shoes that they won’t mind getting dirty. The Color Dust can be washed out of clothing and shoes, but depending on the type of clothing, how long the dust sits on the clothing and the different methods of washing, cleaning results may vary. Be sure to wash all clothing worn during the color run in a separate load on cold and rinse. If participants would like to preserve the color in their shirt, make sure to spray it with vinegar and iron it.

Hair and Skin

We suggest shaking and blowing off as much color dust as possible before climbing into the shower. Brush hair vigorously to get as much dust out as possible. Then thoroughly wash hair and body with soap and water. Keep in mind that hair may have to be washed twice in order to completely get rid of the color. If hair is lightly colored, we suggest putting in conditioner to “coat” the hair and prevent any discoloration.

Note: If hair does become “colored,” it should wash out after two or three shampoos.

Environment and Surrounding Buildings

Color-A-Thon events use a minimal amount of color which results in a low environmental impact. While the colored dust is not harmful to wildlife or vegetation, you should use leaf blowers to blow any excess color dust off of walkways to prevent it from being tracked into buildings.

For large amounts of color dust, street sweepers and storm drainage containment services can be used if deemed necessary by your city, park or district officials. We recommend that you contact your local officials for best practices and ordinances.

Color Dust and Your Cameras, Phones and other Electronics

Color dust is…well, dust, and thus it can be very evasive. If participants plan on using electronics on event day, make sure to wrap them in plastic and tape them securely. We recommend using cameras before the race and after the color powder explosion.


Most frequent questions and answers

As you run/walk/dance through the course, you will get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plant-based powdered dye at every zone…turning you into a moving target of fun!

Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be more colorful, you’ll cross the finish line and find yourself in the middle of a Color Blast at our Finish Line!  You’ll jam out with our awesome emcees as they count down to the moment when YOU get to Tie-Dye the Sky and open your color packets to share your blast of color with your friends, family, and everyone else around you.  The result is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people tell us is the most fun they’ve ever had exercising.

But don’t just take our word for it, join the most colorful, most fun color run fundraiser ever!

All students at any age can participate in a Color-A-Thon Event. In fact, we would like students to encourage their friends, moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandmas & grandpas to participate. Bring the little ones and push them in a stroller. This is a fun event that entire families can participate in…no matter what age. And you don’t have to run…you can walk, dance, skip, stroll, jog, trot or turn cartwheels!

This event is a FUN RUN! You can do this at your own pace (fast, slow, who CARES!). The most important thing is to set your goals and stick to them. Remember, the donations you get to go to your school/organization. And don’t forget the fun run rewards for each goal you accomplish.

We recommend the brightest white to show off ALL the colors… but don’t let that discourage you from going crazy with the brightest accessories you can find. Be adventurous! Create themes with your friends with crazy socks, sunglasses or tutus! For most programs, a white Color-A-Thon t-shirt is provided.

Your group will earn 70% of the donations received if you collect $12,500 or more, 60% profit for events that collect $7500 to $12499, and 50% profit for events that collect less than $7500.  Note that your group pays $3.00 for all T-Shirts awarded/ordered during the sale.

BUT, YOU CAN MAKE MORE!!! OFG provides an area on your group’s website where you can insert online “Banner Ads.”  Basically, you can sell ad space on the group’s website and keep 100% of the proceeds from the ad sales.  Up to 30 ads can be entered, and you set the ad prices – up to $500 each.  You just provide us with the artwork and a link (optional) and we add them to the site.

We supply many types of rewards for the students as they get donations. These rewards are cumulative starting with the student’s first donation. Other rewards include t-shirt, bag color packs and more! We also have in-school instant incentive programs. Talk to your representative for details.

Your OFG Representative will be with you through each step of your event, whether it’s a Color-a-Thon or a thon of your choosing. You will receive a Step-By-Step Color Guide, marketing pieces such as flags, poster, brochures, parent letters and Donation envelope. You will also have access to our Money Manager Software which makes collecting and organizing donations simple and easy. The students will have their own custom online donation site where they can upload their picture, message and individual fundraising goal and then email to friends and relatives across the country. This creates a broader reach for your fundraising efforts. Contact us to find out more.

Each Student/Family registers online and creates their own donation site. They can upload their picture, create a message and share what their individual fundraising goal is. They can then email a link to their page to friends and relatives across the country! Online donations are made with a credit card and is processed with the Color-A-Thon Money Manager Software.