How It Works

Who is Ovation Fundraising Group?

Ovation Fundraising Group combines years of school/group fundraising experience with cutting edge innovation to create high-impact, efficient, and exciting opportunities to encourage schools, communities, and stakeholders to be the change they want to see. We are committed to helping
you make a difference. And, we have a team of big-hearted people committed to helping you reach your fundraising goals.

Is Ovation Fundraising Group a non-profit organization?

No, OFG is a for – Profit company. But, as we say, your gain is our profit.

Do I have to be a non-profit in order to use Ovation Fundraising Group to raise money?

Definitely not. We’ve made Ovation Fundraising Group usable by any individual or group that is out there trying to change the world for the better.



• In the menu bar, click SHOP NOW.
• Find the Ovation Fundraising Group project you’d like to support.
• Click on the project icon.
• Register (if asked)
• Fill your cart with your favorite items. (The more you buy, the more you donate!)
• Check out
• We’ll carefully package, ship your goods, and make sure your donation goes to support
the project you selected. It’s so easy to Be the Change.

That depends on the type of group you are supporting. Donations supporting groups that are not tax exempt organizations are definitely not tax deductible. On the other hand, cash donations and the 40% (at least) donated amount from product purchases that benefit tax exempt organizations such as non-profits, schools, churches, etc, are generally tax deductible. With all that stated, every situation is different and we cannot give you definitive tax advice and encourage you to talk with a tax professional about all tax-related matters.

Yes. We use appropriate security safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, and unauthorized access. Any personal information you provide through OFG’s website is exchanged on a secure server.

Yes. In fact, you have to give your 40% (at least) product purchase donation to someone. Not
associated with a specific fund? Well then, the world is your oyster! You can choose any project
that interests you and purchase on their behalf. When checking out, if you’re not supporting a
specific student, simply type “Jane Doe” when asked for a student name and your donation will
go to support your selected project.

The shipping option you select when you check out will determine when your order will arrive.

• Ship-to-School – some projects have allowed orders to be shipped directly to their
physical location to be distributed in person. To find out when your order will arrive,
please contact the school or organization.
• Ship-to-Home – some projects have elected to limit shipping options to home delivery.
In this case, we work really hard to get orders shipped as quickly as possible. Shipping
times vary by location and product, but most orders arrive within 5-7 days.

Fundraiser Questions

It’s easy. Click the green START PROJECT button at the top of every page on our website and
complete the form.

Next, WE APPROVE YOUR PROJECT and the partnership begins. In a hurry? We are quick to
respond. We understand that time matters.

Then, WE HELP YOU: Our team will prepare your project for distribution and success. If you’d
like, we can design a custom t-shirt for your cause or an entire Spirit Drive ! We will give you tips to maximize your efforts within your network. We even give you Facebook graphics and a custom link to share.

We’re here to help you reach your goal.

So…YOUR JOB is to:

Promote your project (in person and through your custom link) to your circle of friends, family,
and supporters. Shout it FROM the rooftops! Rally your group/organization to help spread the word.
Be creative, have fun, engage with your supporters, publicly thank them when they purchase a product on your behalf or when they leave you a donation. Repeat until you’ve reached your goal!

Never fear, WE HANDLE ALL THE LOGISTICS. As orders come in, we fulfill and ship to your
school or directly to your supporters. At the conclusion of the project, we’ll send you a detailed invoice or, if your online sales surpassed your in-person sales, you’ll receive a check!

Do you want to offer your supporters the option to purchase high-quality products while giving at least 40% of the purchases to your cause?

Do you want to offer your supporters the option to purchase your custom t-shirts  or products that we design for you, while giving 40% of the purchases to your cause?

Do you want to hold an event or celebration  as the culmination of your successful fundraising project?

Do you have an active social media presence?

Do you have local supporters as well as family and friends spread out all over the United States?

Are you willing to promote your project, tell your story, and BE committed to raising money for
your cause?

Well then, yes. An Ovation Fundraising Project might be perfect for you!

An Ovation Fundraising Group project is absolutely free to start, maintain, and close. No setup
fees, material costs, or withdrawal fees. Also, we don’t charge a platform fee for online
purchases. There are NO SHIPPING COSTS for main orders shipped to the school or organization.

If you’re interested in a custom t-shirt, then a setup fee does apply. Color-Runs and other event-based projects may require a deposit or similar financial commitment.

That depends on what you want to do. We allow projects to choose their start and end dates. For
most projects, we strongly recommend no more than 2 weeks, or an interval covering 2
weekends, in order to provide a sense of urgency and action among your supporters. It is
possible to run a project that lasts longer than 2 weeks depending on the circumstances and
situations of the specific school or group. An Ovation Fundraising Group project expert will
help you make the best decision for your project. Projects can always be extended by request of
the Project Leader.

Yes! Custom t-shirts are our jam. Many of our successful projects utilize our custom products
option. They really can boost funds raised for your cause. Ovation Fundraising Group utilizes an
exceptionally talented design team to help you create a thoughtful design that your supporters
will really love. There is a one-time, upfront setup fee, but then once the items are created and
featured as a part of your project, you have no inventory to buy, ship, or manage. We take care of
all of that for you.

Promote like mad! And don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you a
bunch! The key is to get creative and have fun with it!

For tax exempt organizations such as schools, non-profits, churches, etc. donations received
through fundraising are not considered taxable income. For individuals and groups doing
fundraising, donations are typically considered personal gifts and are not taxable income.
But, every situation is different and we cannot provide specific tax advice, so please consult a
qualified tax professional for guidance.

Nope. Project supporters aren’t charged anything beyond what they donate or purchase, unless
they choose specific shipping options as a part of their purchase.

Every project gets AT LEAST 40% of all products sold. Yep, that’s right, 40%. So, when a
supporter purchases a $25 product, the organization gets $10 of that purchase. And that’s
minimum…some projects receive as much as 70% of donations and purchases!!