Why Traditional Fundraising?

Product-based fundraising has long been the easiest and most efficient way for schools and organizations to earn the money needed for student success and equality.  Traditional fundraisers bring communities together and empower kids to make positive change in the world. And at Ovation, our engaging programs ensure fundraising participants always have fun!

“Traditions” are Changing

Ovation Fundraising Group is proud to utilize cutting-edge technology to help spread the word about your school’s fundraiser, and to engage more supporters to maximize the success of your campaign.  Harnessing the power of the internet and social media, our goal is to help you engage with parents as well as students and inform them how important their support is.  We offer the most advanced internet sales program available to simplify the path to social good and help you achieve your specific fundraising goals.


The modern Ovation e-commerce sites are mobile-optimized to ensure an improved shopping experience and encourage more sales per participant. We offer two convenient online shipping options, “ship-to-home” or “ship-to-school,” to save on shipping costs and generate more profit. People tend to purchase more when they shop online, and they are inclined to purchase even more when they don’t have to pay much for shipping.


The Ovation Way

Name Brand Products


With over 75 years of fundraising experience, the Ovation team knows how to make people feel good about giving. Our unparalleled product selection includes gourmet foods, designer jewelry, stylish home décor, and more, and we are always on the lookout for new name-brand products to add to our portfolio.




Easy Process


The best fundraisers are those that make giving easy. The Ovation team is adept at reducing the burden on fundraising coordinators and administrators during every phase of a campaign. We provide high-quality products, attractive color brochures, and a turnkey selling process to support nonprofit groups who want to raise money with a minimal amount of effort. We make giving easy and headache-free with our industry-leading process.

Virtual Fundraising

We have a complete turn-key, contactless fundraiser system for your group that includes video kick-offs, parent/sponsor dashboards, shoppable e-catalogs, ship-to-home deliveries and more.

Product and Gourmet Food Sales

From cookie dough to chocolates, magazines, home decor, candles, jewelry and more, we’ve got it all. And our school fundraising programs are even more successful when they are combined. For instance, run a cookie dough fundraiser alongside one of our other exclusive frozen food programs. Shoppers will love the quality and variety, and you’ll love the extra cash your group earns as a result – 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

At Ovation, cookie dough has consistently been a top seller. Why? The simple answer is that everyone loves cookies! Ovation offers name brand gourmet cookie dough from Otis Spunkmeyer and Neighbors, the two top names in cookies. They are a guaranteed treat that is sure to guarantee profits for your school or group!

Ovation Chocolate Bar Projects

Ovation is proud to offer Barton’s Chocolate, the largest and best tasting chocolate bar in the industry.  We offer $1 and $2 chocolate bars, the Original Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods, and our newest product, the $1 Famous Fortune Cookies.  These programs are perfect for schools and groups of any size. 

Magazine Projects

Our magazine program is a great option to tag with 100+ popular titles. It’s great for Middle/High school fundraisers + it’s a healthy fundraiser option too. This includes new subscriptions and renewals! Customers purchase online and don’t have to worry about waiting for vouchers to redeem.

SaveAround Coupon Books

SaveAround® helps schools and community groups raise millions of dollars every year. In addition to our exclusive coupon books, your Ovation SaveAround® fundraiser includes a mobile app and printable coupons, all-in-one.

Lil Shopper’s Holiday Shoppe

Lil Shopper’s Holiday Shoppe is a store, set up in your school and run by your parent volunteers.

Students love it…

Parents love it…

Teachers love it… 

Administrators really love it…