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Ovation Fundraising Group combines years of school/group fundraising experience with cutting edge innovation to create high-impact, efficient, and exciting opportunities to encourage schools, communities, and stakeholders to be the change they want to see.  We are committed to helping you make a difference. 

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Whether you are setting up your first project with Ovation Fundraising Group or making a difference through purchases or donations, we want it to be easy for you to Be the Change!

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Impressions from our community

Every year Chris and the Ovation Fundraising Group does a fantastic job energizing students to support our program by selling cookie dough. Not only is the product delicious and incentives super engaging, but the organization and customer service made my life as a director easy. Anytime you have a problem they will do their best to fix it!
Choir Director, Reed Academy

Why Ovation

If you’re looking for someone to get your groups pumped up to fundraise, Chris is your guy! He completely captivates the students’ attention, regardless of age, and motivates them to go out and do their best. My students eagerly look forward to seeing him each year, and we are always blown away with our results.
Choir Director Springdale, AR